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6 Effective Ways to Increase Your Work Willingness and Motivation

If you feel unmotivated and uninspired when you move to your home or office space, you may need new ideas to improve your workspace. Yes, our keywords are motivation and inspiration. To clear the clutter in your work area or to be open to a new decoration idea; It can allow you to generate new ideas, increase productivity, and feel creative. Moreover, it would not be wrong to say that these ideas are a necessity in this period when the concepts of hybrid work and “home-office” are very common!

The most important point when starting a business is whether you are aware of what motivation and inspiration you or not. If you are not aware of “What do I do, what do I look at or what do I feel good about?” You can ask questions. In fact, these factors that will positively affect working life may differ from person to person. For example, some people are motivated by listening to music while working, while others like silence more. For this reason, it is very valuable that you catch the most suitable points for yourself and strive to catch them.

Positioning in an area that receives natural light and using small boxes to prevent clutter are among the options you can apply to remove the clutter from the table. Maybe it’s time to replace your chair or you may be able to increase your comfort with a lumbar pillow. Or you can brighten your day with a flower on your table. Come on, let’s take a look at what options you can evaluate step by step!

1. How about using table accessories?

Why shouldn’t the workplace where you spend an average of 40 hours a week reflect you? You can turn a fun mug into your pen holder, and have an academic/annual agenda with humorous stickers. Anything that will bring you joy and happiness can be a part of this team. If you are constantly using products such as staples, scissors, hole punches, you can get a set and color your table with colored paper clips. Don’t you think it feels good to work in a colorful and energetic space?

2. How would you like to be inspired by nature?

Research shows that nature inspires people more and allows them to capture events from a different perspective. Seashells, rocks and stone-like objects, flowers or natural stones; It may be among the good ideas you can implement.

The most recommended of these methods, which will make your space feel much warmer, is natural stones, which are believed to protect the balance and energy in the environment. When you say amethyst, quartz, labradorite, you can be sure that there is one among dozens that will fascinate you with its colors! Again, small potted plants to take advantage of the power of green, and tiny cacti because they are easy to care for, can be among the good ideas you can realize. Wouldn’t you like to enrich your workspace by being inspired by nature and feel better while working?

3. It can feel good to see your family, friends and loved ones!

Happy memories that you remember when you see a photo of your family, closest friends or pet; It will instantly affect your mood positively and increase your motivation. You can use small tabletop frames or paintings to change the decor of your desk or room.

4. Being Organized and Disciplined Increases Your Willingness to Work!

What do you think of clutter and confusion? If you are on the side of those who do not feel very warm about these concepts, which are believed to motivate some people, how about solving this issue with us? It is one of the first and most effective steps to use baskets, storage boxes, tabletop organizers or drawer dividers to organize items you don’t need on your desk all the time. If you have a drawer or closet, it is possible to avoid instant confusion by storing it there. Also, if you want to develop solutions for different problems at your desk, you can organize and enliven the environment by using boxes and organizers that match colors!

It is a good practice to use labeled files to avoid paper clutter as well as material clutter. If you don’t like to see the image created by the papers that turn into a pile when accumulated, we can suggest you to start performing the application steps immediately.

5. Are You Satisfied With The Lighting?

Proper lighting of the environment in which you work is very important from various aspects. The color, amount and even the angle of incidence of the light can make you tired a few hours after you start working. You need to choose the most suitable option for your lighting, which can hinder your motivation and energy. Also, if you are clear enough about the lighting, you can create a pleasant atmosphere by lighting candles. These small vibrations will enliven the environment and allow you to feel calmer.

6. Take Care of Being Comfortable!

The work environment created in an office or home is much more than meets the eye. In this building, where functionality should meet at the same points as comfort, you should pay attention to the improvement of the conditions while renovating the decor. Raising your computer monitor or laptop to your eye level, making improvements to your chair, or acquiring a computer stand if you are happy to work on the sofa will be successful investments. In this way, you will eliminate all painful possibilities that you may experience and you will get your motivation dose.

You can focus on these items and more to make the hours you spend at your desk more productive and to make long-term investments in yourself. In fact, create your list right after reading the article and enjoy your new work environment and the goodness you do for yourself while completing it step by step!

As the Koala HR Solutions team, we highly value your motivation and well-being. We would like to accompany you in your demands for your career development and business life and to provide you with consultancy on the issues you want to receive support. Contact us for more information!

Finally, how about listening to a good song that will increase your motivation?

We hope it will be an enjoyable and instructive article. 😊

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Koala HR Solutions

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