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What Kind of Competencies Are Future Leaders Expected to Have?

We have all felt that we are in a great change with the developments in recent years. Proceeding in harmony with the chain of change, which is also closely related to business life, is very important in terms of success and sustainability. This new world order seems to transform the competencies of leaders in the future. But how will it change? Considering that you are also curious about this subject, we have prepared an informative article.

The last 10 years have taken its place among the years of the fastest, greatest and most powerful changes in the history of the world. These years were the years when the globalization of the world, climate change, mass migration, digitalization, technology, individualization and unforeseen risks were experienced. The pandemic has caused us to feel and experience change several times more. Everything has changed. Moreover, it is not step by step, it has changed rapidly and changed us, our work and our world!

Companies that observe all changes, try to understand and adapt, take precautions, and open new ways to the future, have managed to manage and evaluate the process. The share of leaders and managers in this success is certainly huge. So, which competencies are among the competencies that leaders should have in the future?

So, how does the future come or how will it come?

Changes; It has given more importance than before to the subject of how the future will be and the competencies that leaders should have in the future. It is seen that the concepts of “leadership” and “leadership competencies” have come to a different dimension in the new world order. At this point, leaders play an important and critical role not only for the future of companies but also for the future of the world.

The last 10 years have shown us once again that “the only thing that does not change is change”. He reminded us that the future is today, that the world is the only place we live in, the importance of being healthy, the benefits of cooperation, the value of concepts such as flexibility-agility-adaptation-sustainability, the indispensability of emotional intelligence-trust-empathy.

What Kind of Competencies Are Future Leaders Expected to Have?

What Kind of Competencies Are Future Leaders Expected to Have?

Here are the Competencies of Future Leaders:

1. Being Physically and Spiritually Well-Being an Example:

The state of being physically and spiritually well appears to be an element that also reflects around us and is among the competencies that future leaders should have. Managing ourselves is one of the first and most effective steps of leadership. Therefore, it is very important for people to develop themselves in this regard.

2. Flexibility-Agility-Adaptability-Sustainability:

These four competencies, which interact with each other, are also more prominent than the competencies that the leaders of the future should possess. It is necessary to be open to innovations, to act correctly according to the situation, to understand the developments, to benefit from them and to ensure their continuation.

3. Thinking Strategically and Making Decisions:

Among all the ways of thinking, strategic thinking draws attention as the way of thinking of the future. It is not enough to think strategically, making decisions in this direction appears as a separate competence and gains importance.

4. Diversity, Equality and Inclusion:

Accepting these three concepts, which are seen as very valuable competencies, although they are seen as separate concepts, and making efforts to spread them are among the competencies expected of the leaders of the future.

5. Emotional Intelligence-Empathy-Trust-Courage:

One of the concepts that has been emphasized for many years is Emotional Intelligence, in other words, being smart with emotions. We see its importance and necessity much better these days. Emotional intelligence, which is very valuable not only for our business life but also for other parts of our lives, is among the competencies expected from the leaders of the future.

6. Curiosity-Creativity-Visionary-Inspiration:

Curiosity; It is the primary desire that enables us to learn and grow. Creativity without curiosity and visionary without creativity is not possible. Inspiring, one of today’s most valuable competencies, and creating a desire to take a step towards innovation will become much more valuable in the future.

7. Finding, Developing and Encouraging Talent:

There is another fact that we realize nowadays; Finding, developing and promoting talent are among our most critical needs in this rapidly increasing competition.

8. Communication-Collaboration-Coaching:

Communication, collaboration and coaching. These three concepts have changed from past to present, and with their advanced expansions, they will be among the competencies that the leaders of the future should possess.

9. Seeing Risks-Taking Risks-Managing Risks:

Observing risks does not only make us realize what will happen; It also tells us that we are aware of the situation, that our borders have changed, that we have developed what we can do and that we need to resolve it. We are in an era far from the past managerial approaches where risk taking was not recommended and leaders are now expected to perform risk management.

10. Planning and Using Technology and Innovations with a Human Focus:

Regardless of the sector we are in, it is very important that we agree on benefiting from technology and innovations. It is also among the competencies of leaders to do what is necessary for them to be human-centered.

All these competencies we have mentioned have the same value. Therefore, future leaders should have these competencies. The point to be noted here is that companies should support their leaders and managers for these competencies and try to accept and implement them as a corporate culture.

If you want to learn more about leadership, you can use the resource here!

As the Koala HR Solutions team, we would like to accompany you on your journey to gain these competencies and provide your consultancy on the issues you want to receive support. Contact us for more information!

We hope it will be an enjoyable and instructive article.

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